We Protect Users From Online Abuse and Harassment.

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Always Learning

Comprehensive AI models constantly evolve to prevent disruptive behavior and ensure civil discourse.

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Automated Intervention

Simple tools and automated rules protect your community by proactively intercepting malicious actors.

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Real-Time Alerts

Powerful threat recognition and behavioral anomaly detection help secure your digital platform.


Protect Your Users. Insulate Your Brand. Simplify Your Workflow.

People are your most valuable, vulnerable, and sensitive asset. Understand and protect them with Spectrum.

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Intelligent Community Protection

Proactively protect your users from harmful behavior and prevent your brand from being associated with illicit activity. Our artificial intelligence notifies stakeholders of toxic behavior in real-time while also predicting future in-platform user attacks.

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Identify & Prioritize Valuable Users

Users are the lifeblood of digital platforms. They are your most valuable asset. While some choose to attack others, most provide actionable feedback. We automatically suppress abusive users while simultaneously promoting brand evangelists.

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Automate Costly Workflows

Easily define and implement platform rules that automatically enforce corporate values and community guidelines. Our integrations and advanced machine learning models codify your terms of service to maximize user satisfaction and community cohesion.

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GDPR Compliance. Data Security. Online Privacy.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full effect. Learn how we're working with clients to ensure GDPR compliance, uphold data integrity standards, and strengthen collaborative efforts.


Innovative Users Require Dynamic Solutions.


We automatically codify community guidelines and enforce terms of service. Our AI-as-a-Service platform identifies, classifies, and informs you of disruptive, nefarious, and emerging user behaviors in real-time.


Know Your Users. Improve Your Platform.


Humans are imperfect. Their complex nature often disrupts online cohesion and hinders platform utility. From social media apps to e-commerce sites, users have become accustomed to hostile and abusive interactions. Work with us to reverse this trend and revive digital civility.

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