Managing Digital Community Health Requires the Elimination of Toxic Content and Promotion of Purposeful Discourse.


With Spectrum, you get the full picture. Our Community Health Management platform provides a holistic view of all your digital communities by cultivating AI to classify meaningful and toxic content, uncover user relationship dynamics, enable data visualization, and automate moderation and notification workflows.


Community Health Fuels Growth. Growth Supercharges Revenue.


We help drive corporate revenue generation and workflow optimization by promoting positivity, protecting against harassment, preventing cyber-bullying, and automating workplace processes.

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Identify new monetization opportunities with contextualized data, profile attribution, and automated customer lifetime value calculations.


Predictive threat detection and automated moderation simplify your workflow so you can focus on user and community management.


Protect your users from abusive behavior and group attacks. Prevent your brand from being associated with elicit behavior and illegal activity.



Community Management

We've built the first extensive Community Health Management platform designed for native and social digital ecosystems. Our automated platform reduces overhead costs and saves you time by optimizing corporate workflow processes.

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Dedicated Artificial Intelligence

No two companies are created equal, and few have the luxury of employing data scientists. We realize this, which is why we’ve developed company-specific AI capable of detecting healthy and harmful behavior unique to your community.

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Actionable Data Asset

User-generated content is the lifeblood of digital platforms. We provide company-specific AI that automatically enforces your community guidelines while simultaneously labeling and building a valuable first-party data asset.

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Actionable Insights For Your Entire Company.

Like corporate culture and values, community health is defined and practiced by all stakeholders, which is why we provide comprehensive solutions, flexible tools, and detailed analytics for all team members.


Protect Your Brand, Users, and Bottom Line.


We help codify community guidelines and automatically enforce terms of service. Our Community Health Management platform identifies, classifies, tracks, and informs you of both positive and toxic user-generated content in real-time. Use this actionable data to monetize your digital ecosystem and protect your brand.



White Paper

Community is your most valuable and vulnerable asset. Digital platforms thrive when users exchange information and generate content. However, malicious actors often disrupt healthy online communities and hinder internal operations. Download our white paper and learn how to protect your business.

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Health Survey

Want to test the power of Spectrum's Community Health Management platform before deciding to proceed? Simply contact our friendly support team and they'll guide you through our quick submission process. You'll then receive a free enterprise grade community health assessment.

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Case Studies

We work with premier brands. Some know they have community health problems. Others refuse to believe it... until they implement our technology. From youth exploitation to organ trafficking, Spectrum uncovers nuanced content, behavioral patterns, user relationships, and platform trends.

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