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Founded in late 2016 - during the pinnacle of the contentious U.S. Presidential Election - Spectrum is an enterprise tech company that has its roots in fake news and misinformation identification. We’ve since developed a comprehensive Community Health Management system, powered by machine learning and natural language processing, to provide brands, digital platforms, and service providers effective tools to help them protect their users at scale.




Co-Founder & CEO

A former Product Director, Justin successfully managed and scaled Salesforce’s Data Studio platform. Prior to Salesforce, he spent a decade growing data-driven SaaS platforms in business development and sales engineering roles for Krux (acquired by Salesforce), Adobe, SAS, and Microsoft.



Co-Founder & CSO

Prior to founding Spectrum, Jackson held numerous market research and sales roles at Cisco, LinkedIn, and Lynda.com. He attended the University of California, Berkeley where he earned dual degrees in Economics and Political Science, with a joint focus in monetary policy and international game theory.



Co-Founder & CTO

A former Software Architect at Salesforce, Josh began his career at a research center of Middlebury College. After transitioning to tech, Josh spent a decade developing scalable data management and distributed systems at Vodori, Syapse, and Krux (acquired by Salesforce).



Spectrum - Howard Charney.png


Tech Executive

A Member of Spectrum’s Board, Howard Co-Founded 3Com (acquired by HP) and Grand Junction Networks (acquired by Cisco), and served as an SVP at Cisco. He attended MIT and Santa Clara University where he collectively earned his BSe, MSe, MBA, and JD.

Spectrum - Gordon McLeod.png


Media Executive

A Member of Spectrum’s Board, Gordon is a media veteran. He’s served as President of SI.com, The Wall Street Journal, Krux (acquired by Salesforce), and Newsday. Gordon earned his Master of Public Policy from Harvard University.



Co-Founder & CEO, Krux

Tom Co-Founded his first tech company - Rapt (acquired by Microsoft) - in 1999. He subsequently joined Accel Partners as an EIR and Co-Founded Krux (acquired by Salesforce) in 2010. Tom earned his PhD in Engineering from Stanford University.

Spectrum - Vivek Vaidya.png


Co-Founder & CTO, Krux

Having played a pivotal role in Microsoft’s acquisition of Rapt, Vivek Co-Founded Krux (acquired by Salesforce) with Tom. He earned his Master of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.




Machine Learning Executive

An experienced search, language modeling, text mining, and machine learning scientist, Scott has worked at the forefront of artificial intelligence for over 20 years. Most notably, he’s served as Chief Scientist of Sovereign Intelligence and Diffbot, and as a Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft.



 VP of Data Science, Salesforce

Having received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Melbourne, Yacov began his career in academia before working as a Senior Data Scientist at Brandscreen, BigCommerce, and Krux (acquired by Salesforce). He’s currently a VP of Software Engineering & Data Science at Salesforce.

Spectrum - Livia Polanyi.png


Professor of Linguistics, Stanford University

Having operated in both the technology and academic sectors, Livia currently works as a Consulting Professor of Linguistics at Stanford University. Prior to this, she served as a Principal Researcher at Microsoft, Principal Scientist at Powerset, and Associate Professor of Linguistics at Rice University.



We Defined Community Health Management.

Spectrum is leading the Community Health revolution. We defined an industry, and now our technology is at its forefront. Read our blog for company updates, product announcements, and expert advice.


We Seriously Love What We Do.


Promoting Positive Behavior

Our Community Health Management platform revives meaningful discourse by fostering digital harmony, which evokes diverse commentary between members of online communities.


Protecting Free Speech

We empower companies to grow their communities by helping protect users from shaming, harassment, and abuse. We believe thought diversity enriches community culture and should be celebrated.


Want to Join our Team?

We're actively seeking seasoned professionals to join our growing team. We’re an entrepreneurial group of business and engineering professionals eager to accomplish what others say can’t be done. At Spectrum, you’ll help develop innovative technologies, define new markets, work alongside ambitious people, drink lots of coffee, and enjoy a few beers.


Open Positions



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San Francisco, CA


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Back-End Developer - DevOPS


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