Online dating scam dupes man out of $143,000

Recently, CBC News Canada interviewed a man who had been defrauded $143,000 in an online dating scam. Reading through the article, you can see how sophisticated the effort was; it lasted years and included the creation of false pictures, bank statements and medical records.

There are many negative consequences when dating apps fail to provide members with safeguards against scams like this one. First and most importantly, members fall victim to crimes. Second, news coverage of scams push existing and future members away from the app, resulting in lost potential revenue.

If dating apps can’t guarantee member safety, then they won’t continue to exist.

'Cloaking' is the latest negative behavior in online dating

Fox News recently published an article about cloaking; the act of baiting someone for a date or meet up, failing to show and then “going dark” by deleting all trace of contact.

While from a distance this behavior simply seems childish, what happens when more and more members do it as a joke? Then your dating app develops a poor reputation.

More, what if cloaking is a gateway action to something more disturbing?