Fortnite Quickly Removes Suicide Scene

Polygon reports Fortnight recently removed a fan-submitted scene after gamers complained it depicted suicide. While the creator denies claim and defends the submission, Fortnite responded, “This creator’s content was removed from the Block because it did not adhere to our content creation guidelines.”

Human moderators have a tough job. Every day they sift through offensive materials and make judgement calls. While these people have the best of intensions, humans are known to be biased and inconsistent in their judgements. One day a piece of material doesn’t look bad, but next day it looks terrible. Moderators powered by an AI solution could become more effective, efficient and consistent over time.

12 Games with Known Toxic Communities

Ranker released a list of 12 games with “aggressively toxic communities”. Here’s the rundown:

  • League of Legends

  • Call of Duty

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Dota 2

  • Overwatch

  • World of Tanks

  • ARK: Survival Evolved

  • World of Warcraft

  • Undertale

  • Minecraft

  • Dark Souls

  • Left 4 Dead

Ranker describes the toxicity specific to each - mostly, it’s racism, homophobia and misogyny. It also points out that many, not all, developers are trying to create systems to stop the behavior.

Imagine being a game developer. You’ve joined a company to build a great game, but you have to quickly switch gears to develop systems to combat toxic behavior. It isn’t exactly what you signed up for. Worse, your users are savvy, almost immediately finding holes in your system.

White Nationalists Use Online Gaming to Recruit

Zach Beauchamp’s recent Vox article calls attention to a rising trend; white nationalist groups recruiting members within online gaming communities.

While online gaming actually attracts a diverse population, most people believe online games are played by socially awkward men in their mid teens to late 20s. It is that perception, the article asserts, that drew white nationalist groups into the fold; that age range and personality is their preferred target.

Exactly how does this recruiting happen? In game chat? In game forums? Recognizing and responding to these actions is difficult.