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We work with premier brands. Some know they have community health problems. Others refuse to believe it... until they implement our technology. From youth exploitation to organ trafficking, Spectrum uncovers nuanced content, behavioral patterns, user relationships, and platform trends.

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White Paper

Community is your most valuable and vulnerable asset. Digital platforms thrive when users interact, exchange information, and generate content. However, malicious actors often disrupt healthy online communities and hinder internal operations. Download our white paper to learn how you can protect your users and monetization efforts.

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Health Survey

Want to test the power of Spectrum's Community Health Management platform before deciding to proceed? Simply contact our friendly support team and they'll guide you through our quick submission process. You'll then receive a free enterprise grade community health assessment.

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Special Pricing

At Spectrum, we believe companies have a responsibility to give back to the communities that help them thrive. As such, we discount our software solutions for charitable, non-profit, educational, governmental, and socially responsible organizations. Please message us to see if you qualify for discounted rates.

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