Become a Data Company By Enriching Your Content.

We provide leading data enrichment solutions for social applications and B2B platforms. By using AI to convert raw text into structured data, Spectrum helps companies transform their businesses into data-driven powerhouses.

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AIaaS For Text

Customizable AI models automatically structure text by leveraging valuable classifiers and metadata.

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Powerful Data Asset

Add data equity to your business. We convert all forms of textual content into feature rich data points.

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Endless Use Cases

Make data your competitive advantage. Pursue business initiatives and improve decision-making with enriched data.



Make Data Your Competitive Advantage.

Built with privacy and security at its core, the Spectrum Data Enrichment Platform (DEP)™ helps companies develop valuable data equity by combining customizable artificial intelligence with a powerful rules engine for precise classifications.

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Customizable AI For All Your Business Needs

Become a data rich business with personalized AIaaS. We construct company-specific AI text analytics solutions based on your requirements. By combining machine learning and natural language processing, our dedicated AI models automatically enrich your user-generated content with classifications, attributes, parameter scores, and metadata.

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Client Side Solutions For Enhanced Data Privacy

Spectrum's client side Data Enrichment Platform™ is designed with privacy and security in mind. Our GDPR compliant infrastructure is built to keep sensitive data within your ecosystem. The Spectrum DEP™ was developed from the ground up to empower companies to best protect themselves and their users.

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Flexible Rule Builder For Unmatched Precision

Put your data to work and tackle all business scenarios with our powerful rule builder. Spectrum’s flexible rules engine helps companies define, segment, and target specific user-generated content for enhanced data enrichment. Further customize your experience by configuring webhooks for real-time notifications and automated actions.

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Data Enrichment For Social & Enterprise Applications.

We help all companies solve their most pressing business needs by converting unstructured content into a valuable data asset. Learn how customized AI for data enrichment can give you the upper-hand in your industry.

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AI Classifiers For All Scenarios.

Spectrum's DEP™ comes fully-loaded with deep and machine learning models for all business scenarios. Our AIaaS solutions are customized to meet your unique business needs by enriching raw text with structured attributes, metadata, and heuristics.

See how AI classifiers empower innovation and accelerate business growth.



We Are GDPR Compliant.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full effect. Learn how we're working with clients to ensure GDPR compliance, enact new privacy features, uphold data integrity standards, and strengthen collaborative efforts.