Keep things exciting, not dangerous.

People join matching sites to find others with similar interests. They don’t join to be harassed, scammed or assaulted. Yet, that is what is happening. The current safety standards that combine moderation teams, limited technologies, and self reporting features are failing to protect members.

Spectrum’s AI solution helps dating companies recognize and respond in real time to toxic behavior harming their members. With Spectrum, dating companies can focus on developing features and experiences that enhance membership while confident their members are out of harms way.


Highlighted Capabilities for Dating

Private Cloud Deployment
Your members are growing increasingly concerned about how their data is used. This is especially true for members seeking to match in a way that may violate local laws.
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Multi-Lingual Support
As we witness a global cultural shift toward increased acceptance of people using dating apps to meet others, multi-language support becomes important.
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Featured AI Models for Dating


Dating apps use our solicitation model to detect acts of solicitation, whether attempts to obtain weapons, drugs, illegal services or offering services to someone.

Dating apps use our sexual harassment model to detect content including sexual remarks and advances that are unwelcome and unwanted by the member.

Dating apps use our scamming model to detect content intended to induce sharing of personal information, like passwords and credit card numbers.

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We keep the play thrilling, not threatening.

Trash talking is one thing, but harassment, hate speech, and misogyny is something else entirely. It doesn’t belong in your game play. Yet, it is happening. Gamers joining the fun are subjected to virulent abuse. Spectrum helps gaming companies create and maintain healthy communities with a systematic, scalable approach to managing toxic behavior the delivers multiple benefits.

Prioritize & Respond- Results are used to prioritize and automate responses.

Recognize- Spectrum’s classifiers help gaming companies recognize toxic behavior such as grooming, hate speech, and threats in real time across multiple languages.

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Highlighted Capabilities for Gaming

Context Sensing
Talking about a ‘mouse’ in an electronics setting is different than talking about a ‘mouse’ in a home setting. This is why our solution for the gaming industry includes creating a rich custom word embedding used to understand the language specific to each game.
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Evolving AI
Training AI is difficult. You have to build, or buy, a complete unbiased training set in multiple languages. Most companies spend months doing this. Our extensive library of trained models allow you to jumpstart your efforts and see value right away. They then go through constant iteration and are fine tuned to your specific guidelines and needs.
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Featured AI Models for Gaming


Gaming companies use our grooming model to detects content created and distributed to recruit membership or encourage underage relationships.

Our harassment model accurately detects aggressive pressure or intimidation within in-game chat and game forums.

Gaming companies use our hate speech model to detect attacks on race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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Highlighted Gaming Blog Posts

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Only Spectrum can be fine tuned to recognize the acceptable behaviors unique to each game and respond correctly.
— Josh Newman, CTO, Spectrum Labs

Users demand a good experience.

Harassment, scams, and fraud in marketplace chat messages ruin that. Plus offline transactions can be detrimental to marketplaces.

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Spectrum helps the Trust & Safety efforts of marketplaces scale through improved accuracy, international language support and an advanced library of behavioral detection.

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Spectrum’s classifiers help marketplaces recognize toxic behavior in real time across multiple languages.


Prioritize & Respond

Results are used to prioritize and automate responses.




Offline Transactions

E-Commerce companies use our Offline Transactions model to detect when buyers and sellers are trying to move a transaction outside of the platform, jeopardizing the company’s ability to collect revenue.



E-Commerce companies use our toxic model to detect content that includes anything considered sexual, insulting, harassing, or hateful; this type of content would typically be removed from a platform but would not necessarily result in the poster being banned from the site.



E-Commerce companies use our fraud model to detect content that is deceiving or misrepresenting and has to do with payment or accounts that is typically illegal in nature.



Multi-Lingual Support

Your home-grown solution may have English covered, but you’ll need multi-lingual support to protect your community all over the globe. You choose the languages you need when you need them.

Spectrum Labs’ proprietary language features allow us to support international data at scale while maintaining strong performance across all models.


Real-Time APIs

Transactions can happen fast – threats can be introduced to your community and your revenue stream in the blink of an eye, and spread before you’re even notified of them through self-reporting solutions.

Spectrum Labs provides real-time results that allow you to immediately recognize and respond to toxicity before it evolves into an even bigger problem.


How much do you know about your online community?

How much do you not know? Are members following your guidelines? Their country’s laws? Are they creating quality experiences for themselves and for one another?

The Anti-Defamation League and the Pew Research Center found over 50% of Americans alone have experienced some form of online harassment. 37% have experienced severe online harassment.

So, chances are, they’re not.

Spectrum helps social platforms recognize and respond to toxic behavior harming their community.



Only Spectrum’s recognition and response capabilities can match the speed of a viral post.
— Josh Newman, CTO, Spectrum Labs



Hate Speech

Social platforms use our hate speech model to detect attacks on race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.



Social platforms use our recruiting model to detect attempted recruitment efforts to join known harmful groups.


Self Harm

Social platforms use our self harm model to detect content that explicitly or suggestively exhibits thoughts of self harm or encourages others to harm themselves.


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Real Time Recognition

Once a toxic post has gone viral, the speed and consistency of your response matters. Failure to respond appropriately can result in member and advertiser flight.

Our solution operates in real time so you can identify and eliminate toxic behaviors as they happen.


Context Sensing

Talking about weed in a medical marijuana community is different from talking about it in a gardening community.  

This is why our solution for social platforms includes creating a rich custom word embedding used to understand the language specific to each community.