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Flexible software designed to enforce brand values and community guidelines.

We meet your needs.

Use Spectrum Intelligence to either proactively prevent real-time threats, or
retroactively receive prioritized alerts for further investigation.


Easily link our software to your tech stack for unrivaled threat protection.


Set it and forget it. Our intelligent software operates without human intervention.


Proactively protect your community and online presence in real-time.

Choose from numerous AI filters to enforce your community standards.

  • Sexual Content

  • Violent Threats

  • Derogatory Slurs

  • Hate Speech

  • Financial Fraud

  • Phishing Attacks

  • Spam Detection

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Giving you the right tools to better shape your community

Workflow Simplicity

Spectrum works with existing productivity applications. Receive important and actionable updates without changing your workflow.

Community Guideline Enforcement

Protect your digital ecosystem from malicious actors. Spectrum programmatically prevents trolls from posting hateful content and suspends account use.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Spectrum Intelligence automatically learns how your community interacts in real-time to predict and prevent inappropriate behavior before it occurs.

Codify Your Terms of Service

End bullying, harassment, and hate. Digitize community standards and brand policies to ensure people use your platform as intended.

Automate Costly Manual Processes

Decrease moderation and support costs with cutting-edge AI. Easily identify and remove offensive content to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Powerful Machine Learning

Our proprietary natural language processing models continuously derive context from ambiguous content to increase enforcement precision.

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