Manage Your Digital Communities From One Source. 

Know the pulse of your entire online community. Our Community Health Management platform centralizes all native and social user-generated content to help company stakeholders quickly make sense of millions of cross-platform data points. In doing so, we help predict bad behavior before it occurs and empower you to proactively respond to looming threats.

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Native Platforms

We integrate with native systems, including apps, forums, messaging, and streaming platforms. 

  Spectrum Dashboard

We centralize cross-platform identities, content, and activity to help you manage, measure, and improve health.

Social Media

We integrate with popular social platforms to help you collect content and maximize community insights.


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Centralize Your Community

Simple cross-platform integrations ensure an effortless implementation process and seamless workflow.

  • Our flexible API works with native ecosystems.
  • We integrate with all major social media channels.
  • Condense your workload by managing native platforms and third-party services from one expansive dashboard.


Know Your Community

The first CHM designed with customizable AI to identify your valuable users, classify content contributions, and manage community health in real-time.

  • Convert unstructured data into a valuable asset.
  • Powerful AI automatically classifies content, identifies positive interactions, and generates user profiles.
  • Algorithmic relationship mapping and advanced data visualization help you uncover community trends.
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Manage Your Community

Straightforward tools simplify community oversight for team members, stakeholders, and decision makers.

  • Dedicated AI evolves to better understand your users.
  • Robust systems monitor online interactions, uncover relationship dynamics, and surface community insights.
  • Notifications inform team leads of real-time community guideline and terms of service violations.


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Community is your most powerful and valuable asset. Download our white paper to learn how nurturing purposeful content, understanding user relationships, and developing an actionable first-party data asset can drive monetization efforts.



Special Pricing

At Spectrum, we believe companies have a responsibility to give back to the communities that help them thrive. As such, we discount our software solutions for charitable, non-profit, educational, governmental, and socially responsible organizations. See if you qualify for discounted rates.

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Community is Your Brand

Bring your communities and teams closer together with our Community Health Management platform. We empower all teams within your organization to accurately predict user behavior and proactively address diverse business challenges and opportunities.

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