When your brand and revenue depend on trusted, respectful online interactions between engaged consumers, you need to proactively protect your community against toxic behaviors.

Spectrum’s end-to-end, enterprise-level solution gives social, gaming and dating platforms tools to manage existing and emerging threats to trust and safety.  


Spectrum Capabilities


Context Sensing

The way your users communicate is unique to your platform, and even unique to specific communities on your platform.

We begin working with you by creating a rich, custom word-embedding configuration to understand the language specific to your platform.


Evolving AI

To jump-start your efforts, we have an extensive library of trained behavior models like misogyny, hate speech, and grooming.

After you select the models, we will immediately start customizing them to match your specific guidelines and business policies.  


Multi-Lingual Support

Your home-grown solution may have English covered, but you’ll need multi-lingual support to protect your community all over the globe. You choose the languages you need when you need them.

Spectrum Labs’ proprietary language features allow us to support international data at scale while maintaining strong performance across all models.


Real-Time APIs

The Internet moves fast – threats can be introduced to your community in the blink of an eye, and spread before you’re even notified of them through self-reporting solutions.

Spectrum Labs provides real-time results that allow you to immediately recognize and respond to toxicity before it evolves into an even bigger problem.


Private Cloud Deployment

Your consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their personal data is used.

Spectrum Labs deploys in a private cloud, giving you the power to understand your community while maintaining your consumer data privacy requirements.


Content Types

Spectrum Labs covers all the content types your community uses in every language you need.






Spectrum LABS In Real Life

Moderation Teams

The results from your fine-tuned models are fed into the systems your moderation teams use everyday, optimizing their efforts and increasing their accuracy.

Product Teams

Product teams use Spectrum Labs to keep their fingers on the pulse of their consumers, understanding and reacting to their needs.

Data Science Teams

Data scientists use Spectrum Labs to combat their cold-start AI challenges and launch new models on the fly.