We Make Your Data Valuable & Versatile.

The Spectrum Data Enrichment Platform™ augments unstructured data by adding personalized features to your content. Our customizable machine learning models classify and label raw text to help you build a unique data asset. When combined with proprietary scoring techniques, our flexible AI helps companies better understand their users and growth opportunities.

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1. User Generates Content

API and client-side solutions classify content in real-time, or use secure batch processing for passive text enrichment.

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2. AI Enriches Your Data

Customized AI models classify and enrich your content with valuable attributes, scores, and metadata.

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3. Rule Builder Adds Structure

Use the Spectrum rules engine to integrate webhooks, define automated actions, and build a unique data asset.

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4. Put Your Data To Work

Drive collaborative, business, and product initiatives, and power internal projects, with feature rich data.



Data Enrichment For All Forms of Text Content.

We excel at converting raw text into actionable, feature rich data. Our powerful deep learning models provide dynamic text analytics for social applications and B2B platforms. Our flexible AIaaS solutions and Data Enrichment Platform™ work across all raw text mediums and platforms to provide digital companies unmatched insights about their users and business lines.

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User, Group & Customer Messages

Improve your user experience and uncover new business opportunities while upholding privacy and GDPR standards. Spectrum's DEP™ securely enriches anonymized user-generated content - from messaging, dating, social broadcasting, and enterprise communication applications - to enhance moderation, matchmaking, and functionality.

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Posts, Comments & Replies

Answer every question about your digital ecosystem. Measure user dynamics and customer satisfaction while ensuring a brand safe environment. The Spectrum DEP™ classifies and scores content from social media apps, online review sites, and forums to provide organizations complete operational transparency.

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What's Your Business Case? We're Ready To Solve It.


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Search Queries & Text Boxes

Refine your basic and advanced search frameworks with feature rich data. Utilize structured content to engage users and optimize advertising revenues with brand safe predictive search. Increase monetization with accurate suggestions, recommendations, and prioritized search queries that facilitate higher conversion rates.

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User & Stream Names

Deploy Spectrum's DEP™ to identify user acquisition patterns and uphold corporate standards. Our AIaaS models evolve and adapt to emerging linguistic trends so that social and B2B platforms can ensure user safe environments. With Spectrum, gaming, live-streaming, and B2B apps can use feature rich data to effectively enforce compliance expectations.

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AI Classifiers For Toxic & Disruptive Behaviors.

Derived from Spectrum's deep learning models, AI classifiers provide unparalleled visibility into raw text and unstructured content. More simply, AI classifiers enrich user-generated content with customizable behavioral, compliance, business, and growth labels that, when combined with proprietary scoring and enrichment techniques, generate valuable, actionable data assets.


AI Classifiers For Business & Growth Initiatives.

User-generated content is the lifeblood of social applications and enterprise platforms. It's the closest you can get to your users and customers. By labeling unstructured content with business critical AI classifiers, Spectrum's Data Enrichment Platform™ helps companies build sales pipelines, prioritize feedback, develop new products, and identify lucractive business opportunities.

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Your Data. Your AI. Our Commitment.

Your privacy is our main priority. Spectrum's Data Enrichment Platform™ utilizes proprietary security methods that far exceed industry standards and privacy expectations. Click below to learn how we systematically protect our clients and their users.