ADL: harassment in online gaming

The latest report published by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) shows just how prevalent toxicity in the gaming industry has become. Per the report 74% of adults have experienced some form of harassment and 65% have experienced severe harassment such as physical threats and stalking. 

Even more alarming, close to one in three adults who play have been doxed. And the impact of this harassment is extreme. 19% of adults who have been harassed in gaming have stopped playing games altogether. 23% have become less social in their lives and 15% reported feeling isolated. 

“Toxic behaviors create a ripple effect of negativity,” says Justin Davis, CEO of Spectrum, “It impacts the psyche of both harassers and the harassed ones, moderators and data labelers who look at this content daily, and all of us that witness this type of content across every corner of the Internet.”

The ADL recommended gaming companies learn from social media best practices. This is in line with Spectrum’s cross-industry approach which takes learnings and training data from social, dating and e-commerce and applies those to enhance gaming models. 

It’s important for gaming companies to recognize and respond to toxic behaviors in order to enable positive player communication.

See the full report here.