Online Dating Safety Report: May-June 2019

Online dating is how millions connect to find love and build relationships. But meeting online strangers isn’t just something that’s socially awkward on occasion: It’s potentially dangerous and even life-threatening. Tales of false identity, fraud, and deception have caused unsuspecting individuals to become victims in crimes perpetrated through online dating.

Major online dating sites must take care to keep dangerous or deceptive individuals off their platforms. Unfortunately, not every online dating site does an effective job of weeding out bad actors. The devastating result of inaction or ignorance can be as significant as sexual assault or murder. 

Spectrum strongly believes in the safety and security of online dating. Protecting singles from scams, sexual harassment, solicitation, and violence must be the top priority of any online dating platform. To keep these sites honest and to inform the dating public, we’ve combed through the headlines to identify the platforms that pose the greatest dangers to those looking to find love online.


The most dangerous online dating platforms for May and June of 2019 were Tinder and Grindr, reporting multiple cases of robbery, sexual assault, and murder. Users should be especially careful using these apps, which are easily accessible and popular on mobile devices., OKCupid, and eHarmony were among the safer major dating platforms, largely free from violent crime but home to cases of fraud and solicitation. Coffee Meets Bagel, Badoo, and Christian Mingle ranked among the safest platforms in May/June with no reported crimes.



Major reported crimes, May-June 2019: 4

One of the most recognizable and ubiquitous mobile dating platforms also happens to be one of the most violent. In the last two months, multiple reports of robbery, sexual assault, and murder have occurred thanks to Tinder meetups. 


Major reported crimes, May-June 2019: 3

Same-sex dating app Grindr experienced some of the worst criminal acts on dating platforms, including pre-meditated murders and sexual assaults. 


Major reported crimes, May-June 2019: 2

Free from reports of sexual assault, OKCupid’s most recent safety issues involved a case of financial fraud.

Plenty of Fish

Major reported crimes, May-June 2019: 2

One of the most dangerous online dating sites, Plenty of Fish saw accounts of sexual assault and murder brought to trial in May and June.

Major reported crimes, May-June 2019: 1 is a relatively safe platform, with few headline-grabbing crimes reported over the past two months. The long-standing online dating destination is not a high profile target for violent crimes; instead, recent criminal reports highlight issues related to fraud. 


Major reported crimes, May-June 2019: 1

Relatively safe in the Spring of 2019, eHarmony did experience a case of online child solicitation. 


Major reported crimes, May-June 2019: 1

SeekingArrangement was named as a platform used by a victim and suspect in a murder case.  


Ashley Madison





Coffee Meets Bagel



Elite Singles

Reported crimes, May-June 2019: 0